Bingo and jimmy songs

bingo and jimmy songs

Reminiscing: How Long Has It Been?
Pass out the sheet for residents to mark with pencils when they come across one of the "minibeasts." Bedside: Yosemite Park Take your resident on an online tour of Yosemite National Park in California in recognition of this day that the.S. .National Park Service was founded.Sensory Stimulation: Singing in Rounds Celebrate this Rounds Resounding Day with your residents by hosting a fun sing along featuring songs that your residents can sing in rounds (beginning at different times) like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" or "Three Blind Mice." (View an example.Reminiscing: Milking a Cow On this first day of Agrifair, featuring livestock shows and agricultural displays in Canada, reminisce with residents about their past of growing up on a farm.Hawaiian boat song I am a pumpkin, big and round I made a Jack OLantern I saw a ghost If I were a witch Im a Jack-o lantern In a dark, dark wood In the Hairy scary castle Its Halloween!Allow the finished cards to dry before having residents save them as stationery.
Use graham crackers, peanut butter and chocolate candy melts, Kit Kat bars, M M's candies, chocolate chips, and pretzel sticks for the fun craft.
In recognition of this Friendship Day, reminisce with residents about where they met their best friends.
Share a few unique parenting styles from around the world, as well as how other countries view breastfeeding.Then cut the dried paper towels into strips.What does little birdie say?On this anniversary of President Franklin.Before the activity, recruit volunteers to use rulers to draw a configuration of lines in six squares on a piece of paper.To play, set up small pins (e.g., toilet paper rolls) at the end of the table and have residents exercise their arms poker prizepool calculator as they roll a foam ball down the table to knock down the pins.Wiggley Woo You are my sunshine Sunshine pie More songs written by Dany Rosevear Find more above Wild things 1 Y ou T A good friend of mine A tiger, a spider and a tiny little mouse Bip and Bops song Did you ever see.Open (tennis) Championship in Flushing Meadows, New York (August 27 - September 9) Crafts: Bible Snacks For this birthday of Catholic nun Mother Teresa, encourage residents to make edible crafts by making Bible snacks using Fig Newtons.Bedside: Blueberry Muffin Mug Cake Treat your resident to a quick-to-make blueberry muffin mug cake simple baccarat strategy on this first day of the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival in Machias, Maine.

One-on-One: Exactly What You Need In recognition of this birthday of Moby-Dick author Herman Melville, assist your resident with making a clay whale phone holder to give as a gift to a grandchild.
Encourage your resident to assist you with baking a rum cake on this National Rum Day.