Blackjack script for mirc

blackjack script for mirc

This is to bypass Twitch API checks to see if the user is valid and that the user is currently live before allowing a raid with the standard!raid user command.
The autohost script will not switch to a new host until the current hosted channel has been hosted for at least the length of time specified for this setting.
Channel mods to have access to autohost commands: Possible settings are ON or OFF.Command List:!scram on : Mod Only.Add a Level ID to the blacklist so that it cannot be submitted to the queue.!mm followcheck on/off : Mod Only.Do NOT download from the very top of the GitHub as those are just html files.They will not overwrite each other.Complete on-join greet functions included.There is 2 needed files, they can be found here: m/SebLemery/Tcl-scripts PiotrekD's YouTube script.0 PiotrekD A very simple (and a bit messy) YouTube script that works with the third version of YouTube API (YouTube Data API v3).The standard cost is 20 US, however, there is a permanent 50 off coupon which drops the price to 10 found here.This online casino beste auszahlungsquote should resolve that issue.If a tier 1 channel is live, then the current host will switch to the first live tier 1 channel that it finds.The script requires TclCurl and tcllib's htmlparse packages.
Change the amount of channel currency that new!jackpot's will be set to after someone wins.!jackpot emotes emote1 emote2 : Mod Only.
Old/Depreciated Scripts Classic left poke ball Jackpot Machine c It is highly recommended that you install Jackpot Version 2 instead of Classic Jackpot Machine, as Jackpot Version 2 is a much newer and superior version of the game.
Turn the game off.
I recommend disabling the sounds for everything else (uncheck everything and change all the "On Event's" to "no sound.There are many other commands, for a complete list of commands type!raidhelp in your channel.Do not use Classic Jackpot Machine in conjunction with Jackpot Version.Default is 1 hour.If will only give points to a user who is currently active and in the channel, therefor it requires the c script as well.!shoutout Command c This is a basic "caster command" used when promoting other streamers in your channel.When the script begins its search for a new host, it will simply stop searching.December 10, 2016 : The c script has been removed from the GitHub and has been replaced with.

Now_c - A simple "now playing" script that will post a message in your channel chat of the current song being played whenever a new song begins playing on stream.
Accept and run any initialization command prompts.
Activating a!payauto or!payautox while one is active will overwrite the previous one.!payauto and!payautox share this rule together (only one can be active at a time).