Bonus id simcraft legion

bonus id simcraft legion

We knew glove/shoulders were BIS so they were naturally likely to parse higher than the helm/legs.
So it will be relic_ id 3432/Relic2/Relic3,gem_ id 141261/relic2/relic3.M/item112320/s.ouch bonus 618 Edit: Beaten to it by Frosted.For this guide, I'll be using my hunter.We are continuously looking for new profiles, both at the normal and heroic levels.Agility/Intellect) shown in parentheses.Reply With", 05:12 PM #2 sandmans_pouch, id 112320, bonus _ id 618, reply With", 05:26 PM #3, originally Posted by, frost1129 sandmans_pouch, id 112320, bonus _ id 618.Because on this list its the second BIS for fire spec.Related to max spike damage, 1k TMI is roughly equivalent to 1 of your health.The primary purpose of this site is to host sample analysis generated by SimulationCraft.
Here is the end simulation with both SV and MM, and both BIS 2 piece options and worst 2 piece options: g, here is also a pastebin for the script I simmed with: m/6hEEbxGB Conclusion The results are consistent with what'd we'd expect.
Gear Amount Amount from raw gear, before class, attunement, or buff modifiers.
Theck-Meloree Index Measure of damage smoothness, calculated over entire fight length.
Although I did notice that SimulationCraft itself does sometimes have slightly different bonus id 's to wowhead.
Reply With", 08:41 PM #8 Same if anyone knows how to do this please let us know Reply With", 08:56 PM #9 well all i do is go to wowhead make the relic i want and copy the codes there and put in the profile.
This can be caused by resource starvation, lockouts, and timers.Hunter's Mark rppm.20.50, instincts of the mongoose effect increased from 10 to 20 (effect#1) base_value.00.00, verification Failure (10.00 mage, tag, spell / Effect, field.Likewise, the ID for shoulders is 115547 and the bonus of 566 represents heroic.Blade of Justice (effect#2) base_value 540.00 450.00 dpet Average damage per execute time of an individual action; the amount of damage generated, divided by the time taken to execute the action, including time spent in the GCD.I dont know what else you need Reply With", 11:12 AM #10 gem_ id is the item_ id of the relic, relic_ id is the bonus.Although as the stats and ilevel are the same it should be fine i assume.Yes but my goal is to test if a relic would be an upgrade without equipping.I figure these parts must be replaced but what would I replace?Relic_ id is the bonuses that the specific relic rolled while gem_ id is the item id of the relic itself.Frozen Orb spell_level.00.00 Mark of the Distant Army Tag roulette table layout australia Spell / Effect Field Hotfixed Value DBC Value Set Velocity to a reasonable value.Reply With", 04:50 AM #4, originally Posted by khaedar.

Reply With", 12:08 AM #12 Uv4c/preview Scroll down to #4 - Simming a relic itemid is the gemid, pretty much gotta load the specific relic in wowhead for the bonus ids Last edited by Devwar; at 12:21.