Dark souls weapon scaling spreadsheet

You'd think this spell would have severe limitations, but no, casting it freezes all enemies at once including the final boss with 100 percent accuracy.
Divine metamagic allows you to do things such as make the buffs last 24 hours for turning attempts.
Straight example: In Earthbound, the PK Thunder (AKA: Electric Shock Attack, Crashing Boom Bang Attack) moves are not nearly as useful for you as they are for your enemies.Simply put, it was highly unlikely that your opponent would have the right Monster on the field for you to fuse, unless you were trying to Summon a card with very vague requirements.Then Mucus Ad Nauseum to poison him; especially if you don't have Flipendo Tria.Instead, the status-changing effects (from the second game on) are equipped to your attacks, similar to Junction.Otherwise it is a brutal dawn out brawl in which he heals and you feel pain.Naturally, many of the later opponent Pokémon have a move causing this.) Meanwhile, in the unlikely event your status effect move hits, the effect rarely activates or the Pokémon shakes it off within a turn.Landwalk as a whole has been obsoleted, but even when it wasn't, plainswalk was the rarest type, partly for flavor reasons and partly to avoid confusion with " planes walking a concept which, unlike plainswalk, is actually rather important to Magic.
Not only does this give your opponent plenty of time to build up resources and stomp your face the moment you run out of defenses, but the overall strategy is incredibly boring to use.
Generation 6 buffed it to 120 base power, meaning it's now stronger than the aforementioned moves.
Heck the game's earliest Disk One Nuke is Fog Breath which greatly decreases your enemies accuracy and evasion.
And the Fire type is Genesect's only weakness.
Plus, by using the Bond Diagram, some of the basic Bonds cause your allies to randomly drop status effects on your opponents.Poison or Toxin, however, can fall into this trope on enemies (or players) with high Vitality, as they drain a flat amount.Apocalypse Chime destroys all Homelands cards.And in the anime status effects, especially Sleep become some of the most overpowered things ever made.This is in fact the key strategy to defeating Asura, who spams high-level heals on herself and counters hard enough that you really want them landing on you instead.A very effective way at that.Add in the fact that one of the game's super bosses Omega Weapon is vulnerable to stop and you have a Game-Breaker.Stacking spells such as Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, with buffs such as Bravery and elemental potions is par for the course.Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep subverts this trope vis-a-vis status effects so hard it may be inverting.It's euro jackpot trekkning the closest thing to Video Game Stealing present in a Megaten game!It's less effective as the game goes on, since bosses start gaining immunity to the ailments Songstress provides, but surprising few regular enemies are immune to ailments that absolutely cripple them.Notably, the (first) That One Boss in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Matador, is specifically designed to act as a brick wall to inform players new to MegaTen that buffs and debuffs are about as powerful as the strongest attacks.

Then, the game decides to stop messing around, and throws at you parties of 8 enemies, many of whom can heal, some of whom deal devestating damage, and many of whom live in battlefields strewn with bombs.