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While this occurs, make use of your time by hunting some Koffing/Weezing over at the Celadon Mansion.
Ditto, where the, ditto will be considered the mother, regardless of who the partner.
Unlike Egg Moves, however, only TMs learned in Generation III can be inherited. .Furthermore, the TM attribute overwrites the level up attribute.You will have your move ready to breed onto any Pokémon.Conversely, if the other parent has a drastically different IV, this bonus is either very miniscule or actually a hinderance.Keep in mind, egg moves only transfer when the male knows the move and because of this, certain combinations of egg moves are impossible.From HeartGold/SoulSilver onward a new mechanic was added to control this.One rule that is universal, is that if the baby of the species cannot learn the move, it will not be inherited.This chance can be even further increased by giving the mother an Everstone.
Therefore, having a Ditto of each nature is a good strategy to bring your desired nature into the gene pool (before moving on to same species breeding).
Ditto egg group consists of only one Pokémon.
So the moveset was pretty easy, lets take a quick look at the build.
Remember, this is not based off of your trainer.
The Original Trainers are compared to each other, not you.
Pokemon Mansion: One of the best spots.Many baby Pokémon can be obtained in the wild in later games.Tutored Moves, tutored Moves work exactly like TM Moves.Egg Group Connected to Amorphous Fairy, Grass, Mineral, Water 1 Bug Fairy, Grass, Human-Like, Mineral, Water 1, Water 3 Dragon Field, Flying, Monster, Water 1, Water 2 Fairy Amorphous, Bug, Field, Flying, Grass, Mineral, Water 1 Field Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Human-Like, Monster, Water.You can, quite often, cut a few steps from chain breeding when using Smeargle.There are no Pokémon in both groups so you'd need to find an intermediate group.To get the best spot, we want level consistency, high encounter rate, and the IV ranges to reflect our desires.Water 3 Egg group.

Youd then level this Male Sunkern(Encore) to 18 and have it learn Ingrain.
The only way Id replace this particular Mother would be if a female was produced with similar IVs, Relaxed, and had a better SpD.