How much do online poker players make

I couldn't find any recent data on these numbers unfortunately.
Does any of this money stuff matter at all?
If you are reading this from your hut in Africa and you crush souls every day at NL2, then I would consider going pro immediately.So here is the quick answer: Good poker players in small stakes online games like 1c/2c to 50c/1 will make between 6month.But let's suppose that you are in that roughly 10 of serious winners in this game.Your brain might start to melt after a few years of this though.It's not in any of them of course!If you enjoyed this article please "Like" or "Tweet" it below!Polk said in the description that earnings in news articles and on websites only reflect multi-table tournaments and dont account for losses, so some players can appear to be broke while others make millions.People Want to Know How Much Money Poker Players Make.NL100 Poker Winnings Win rate 4bb/100 Table Winnings: 4000 Rakeback: 1000 Grand Total Monthly 5000 Grand Total Yearly 60000 Hourly.67 viking lotto iceland results If you are among the best NL100 players then your friends will probably be impressed because it is pretty likely that you make more.If you were hvordan spiller man stress kortspil trying to get an accurate picture of how much a tournament player makes, it would be impossible without getting more information from them.
Please note that several parts of this article were certainly meant to be taken as tongue in cheek.
And even at the micros which are the very lowest stakes!
Many times, the investors that are buying pieces of or staking poker players are not players themselves.
So only something like 25 of the people who play poker are actually making any money from it in the long run.I am no expert though so I don't want to speculate.With a little over two months left to go in the year, they currently list 5 players who have over 1 million dollars in earnings since Jan.NL2 Poker Winnings Win rate 30bb/100 I will run through the math in this example only so that you can see how I calculate the table winnings When we talk about a win rate of "30bb/100" this means that you make 30 big blinds for.Happy wife, happy life, right?These estimates are partly why I have tried to preach the reality of professional poker on here before.I said typically, which means that there are exceptions to everything Im about to say.This question isn't going to go away any time soon so I am going to do my best in this article to explain exactly how much money poker players make.

These are the people who are mostly likely to "go pro" so I will be focusing on them in this article.
This is mostly due to the rake kicking in and a lot of bad play.
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