International lotto commision madrid spain

After that I checked on internet and saw your page.
The address on the envelope is smeared and crooked.
Direct seguros.A, mapfre marketing.LA primitiva loteripuestas calle arroyo.If you need any other information, I'll be glad to help!(Name withheld) Report from the Netherlands Hello, I am a foreign citizen living in Holland and today I have also received a letter from elgordo loteria primitiva, posted in Malaga Spain on 26/03/05 address: Plaza de Colon E-28830, Madrid Spain Tel: Re: Price award claim.X-Originating-Ip: Sending network for IP address : inetnum: - netname: rima descr: Telefonica de Espana SAU descr: Red de servicios IP descr: Spain country: ES admin-c: LJP5-ripe tech-c: FLT14-ripe status: assigned PA remarks: remarks: For abuse/spam/intrusion issues remarks: please contact through link remarks: m/nemesys/ remarks.
They requested that I fax them a copy of my drivers license or passport and my bank account number to transfer the funds.
Big time scam trying to pretend to be spanish with nigerian accent.
We hope that with a part of your prize, you will take part in our up coming end of year high stake.8 billion International lottery.
Report from USA, 31/01/07 luis alberto Euromillones loetria Internacional calle pivoanchez noha schwartz poker NO 8, 2B 28014, madrid, spain TEL santa lucia security company.A.
Isabel perez, vice president Bar code in bottom right corner santa-globalseguridad Address: Avenida De Valencia 35, C/P 28026 Madrid, Spain.Right now I just think that these people are trying to harm.Keep up the great work.HE said hello 3 other times AND nothing else.On TEL FAX: will be paid to santa lucia security company.A.