Poke poke venice

poke poke venice

Only had one time but it was pretty damn good.
Get it with avocado and seaweed.
Adding avocado was so worth.
We brought it to expert bonus skien Venice.Its very very mediocre, forget all of those other places, this is the best poke in Venice Beach.I was talking to one of my friends who lived in Honolulu for 20 years.Aloha poke w/ kale, avocado, and brown rice.Come grab a bite!Definitely splurge for the added avocado.Get the wasabi poke and keep on strolling!Original with seaweed, chili oil, macadamia nuts and tamago.
Fantastic place amidst the tourist trap of Venice Beach.
The best hidden gem in venice!
Poke is traditionally pre-made and served by the pound out of a deli case in Hawaiian convenience and grocery stores.
The best thing about Venice Beach is poke.
I love this spot, I usually go with Wasabi Poke with the works.No number of toppings is too many toppings.Possibly the best meal I had.Poke-Poke was the first poke restaurant to offer made to order options, creating a traditional poke experience tailored to your taste buds!Enjoy the new location at Jody Maroni's!Add avo, kale and seaweed!For the price the quantity is debatable.Get out of line, now!Unless you are really really hungry get the small.Spicy tuna, add jalapeño and avocado Awesome workers!However when bowl is finish spicy remains.Spicy tuna, brown rice with kale avocado carrot and macadamia.It's good - not spectacular - reviews seem overly positive - but very nice for beach food.She said Poke-Poke was better than any place she ate at in Hawaii.