Retaliator has no weapon slots

Autopilot This key will toggle between manual flight and autopilot - see Instrument Description section.
Any other key will start the mission.
When your wheels touch the runway, reduce the throttle to zero and push forward on the joystick in order to lower the nosewheel down to the ground.
"Knock-Out" The numeros de hoy loteria electronica Leonid Brehznev has been sighted in Sector 1G, with a support ship.You must destroy the landing craft.Note: The radar and maps have a freeze mode, displaying a target and its position whilst all radars are shut down.Their pilots will have a dangerous mission; to penetrate bands of surface to air missiles, destroy hostile awacs and radar, launch ground strikes at enemy resources, armies, installations and communication links, and to break up hostile raids before they reach friendly territory.Fire If there is an engine fire this light will flash red - it is not recoverable and the pilot must eject.The test range is approximately 1000 sq miles and contain various targets and remote control vehicles.
If you straighten out immedialtely after a very highangle, high-speed ascent, then you will cause a minus G-force which may result in a Red-out.
When operative the light is on green.
Rip out the main building.Their bases will be under air and missile attack from H-hour zero.Weight - 326 lbs Range - 50 km Speed - Mach 4 AIM9M-R-sidewinder Short range AAM is the latest and most advanced of the sidewinder family with an imaging infra-red seeker.This effectively 'blinds' enemy radar and radar-guided missiles."Counter" The massed nato ground forces are now beeing pinned down by this new surge of Enemy aerial dominance.

Destroy the main runway and return to base.
Refer to War Update Map on computer for the battle locations.
Mission control selection menu.